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We develop software and database solutions using a range of platforms and technologies, ranging from stand alone desktop applications to server‑grade database‑driven software capable of handling thousands of connections at once.

With many years experience ranging from complex Microsoft Access applications to current SQL Server based projects, we now utilise our skills on web‑based applications and cloud storage, applying our expertise to the latest technologies to solve today's problems.

We design, prototype and produce a range of electronic products including smart card readers, vehicle CAN interface devices and CCTV text overlay systems, with all circuit‑board design and prototyping carried out in‑house.

We are able to create bespoke products that are compact, effective and efficient, using in‑house designed and printed circuit-boards.





Following advances in 3D printing, we now produce in‑house product prototypes using a selection of both consumer‑grade and professional prototyping 3D printers. Depending on the detail and materials required, prints can be as quick as half an hour or as long as 6–7 hours.

Being able to produce designs and models in‑house allows us to quickly refine the design, enabling us to streamline the final production process.

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